Skyline Industries offers Spray Foam solutions for New Residential Construction. We work with Architects and Homeowners to design and install highly effective Spray Foam Insulation throughout your new home or addition.
Please read through the information we have compiled below. We feel that the more you know about Heat Transfer, which is the science behind insulation, the better equiped you are to make a very important decision regarding your family's health and comfort. Please feel free to call us with any questions at: 866-401-3626

What you should know about Insulation

Most of us know that insulation is supposed to reduce the cost of heating and cooling a home while keeping us comfortable, but do you have all of the information you need to really compare the different insulations?

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The R-Value Myth

It is important to understand that all insulations are not created equally. There are standard air-permeable insulations and then there are high performance spray foam insulations. Air-permeable insulations, like those commonly used in today’s building industry, allow air to move throughout the material, such as fiberglass, cellulose or any loose-fill types of insulations.

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Understanding the 6 Factors of Heat Transfer and Energy Loss

Heat (Thermal Energy) always moves from hot places to cold places. This is called heat transfer. Sometimes you want to make it easy for heat to go from one place to another. Other times you want to keep heat in one place. Controlling this is accomplished by understanding 6 Factors of Heat Transfer and Energy Loss.

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The Benefits of Spray Foam

There is a widespread belief that all insulation materials of equal R-value will perform equally. While insulations of equal R-value perform equally in the controlled conditions of a laboratory, they do not all maintain that R-value in the walls and ceilings of a building. Some off gas into the atmosphere and suffer a decline in R-value.

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