Any time a roof is neglected and is in such condition that it requires a complete tear-off and replacement, one thing
always comes to mind…LIABILITY.  Not only is a tear-off and replacement expensive, it is also an extreme, and often
times unnecessary, option that leaves the building’s contents vulnerable to exposure by impending weather conditions
and often creates disruption for the occupant during the process. Repairs can be made only to the affected areas and
the new roof can then be installed over the entire existing substrate to produce a seamless and sustainable roof system.     

Cool Roof systems are fluid-applied elastomeric coating systems by industry leading manufactures. This is the primary roofing option that we offer.  These systems are durable, long lasting and one of the most cost effective ways to restore a roof.  With the ability to be applied over virtually any substrate, they have been proven to perform in adverse conditions and are the perfect fit for Sustainability-conscious consumers.

Seamless and fully adhered: a customized, one piece finished roof
Sustainable: Systems can be renewed, not replaced for a lower life cycle cost   
Elastomeric:  Will accommodate for thermal expansion and contraction without cracking or splitting
Light reflective: A reflective coating acts as a protective barrier on a roof substrate
Light weight:  Goes over existing roof without tear-off, reduces installation costs/exposure to weather
Long track record:  Proven performance for over 30 years means less risk to the owner

At this point there is one question to ask yourself:  “Do I want a roof system that’s inexpensive to install, or one that’s inexpensive to own?”  Here at Skyline, we have been exposed to a wide variety of both foams and coatings over the years. Honestly, some are good and some not so good. It can be a buyer’s beware market and you owe it to yourself to get a full understanding of the products and systems available to you.  We have made it our mission to educate our customers on these differences and only apply quality foams and coatings from industry leading manufacturers. As a result, if we’re putting our name and reputation on it, you can rest assured that we are only using the best products available.